‘Bad Nanny’ (2022) Story Recap And Ending, Explained

Have you ever hired a nanny to help you take care of your child, only to find out that the nanny is a ticking time bomb, threatening to explode and ruin your life? That’s the premise of Bad Nanny, a gripping movie by Colleen Davie Janes. In this thrilling story, we follow Remy Bell Winter, a hardworking mother who hires a new nanny for her daughter, hoping to focus on her career and trust the nanny to do her job. But soon, Remy realizes that her nanny is not what she lets out and harbors a dark grudge against her, blaming her for her own misfortunes. As the tension builds up, we witness Remy’s life falling before our eyes as she fights to protect her family, her reputation, and her sanity from the relentless attacks of the bad nanny. 

Spoilers Ahead

The New Babysitter

Remy Bell-Winter, (April Hale), a highly accomplished publisher, knows the meaning of working hard and devotion all too well. Between managing her successful career and raising her young daughter, Ella, she finds herself constantly pulled in different directions. In an effort to balance her responsibilities, Remy hires Mathilda (Karen Ragen George) as a nanny to care for Ella while she attends to her professional obligations and mingles with Atlanta’s elite. However, while Remy thrives in her career, her personal life is not without its struggles. Her husband, Jack (Brian Raminan,) is consumed by his family’s business, leaving little time for his wife and daughter. Their relationship suffers as a result, and Remy finds herself struggling to keep her family together. When Mathilda suddenly quits without explanation, Remy is left with no choice but to interview new candidates for the role of her daughter’s babysitter. As Remy sifts through a pile of resumes, she stumbles upon Kendra’s (Chelsea Rose Cook) profile, which immediately catches her attention. There’s something different about Kendra’s application – a passion and dedication that Remy hasn’t seen before. Kendra’s cover letter details her lifelong dream of becoming a nanny, and Remy can’t help but offer her a shot. However, there’s something about Kendra’s gaze that suggests there’s something more to her intentions than simply babysitting for Ella. 

Trouble In Paradise

Kendra was adept at reading between the lines and picked up on the tension between Remy and Jack from the moment she arrived. She set her sights on Jack, using her charisma and seduction to lure him in. However, it soon became clear that Kendra harbored a deep-seated animosity towards Remy, and her actions began to reflect this. One telling moment occurred when Ella innocently praised her mother’s success while swinging, prompting Kendra to push her harder and harder, almost as if she resented Remy’s achievements. Kendra couldn’t resist the allure of Remy’s lavish lifestyle, and she took advantage of her position as a nanny to try on her jewelry and dresses when Remy was out. Her hatred for Remy grew when she laced Remy’s expensive gala dress with poison ivy to inflict pain and humiliation. She also sowed seeds of doubt in Ella’s mind, convincing her that her mother only cared about her work and had hired a nanny so she could avoid taking care of her. In a moment of confrontation, Kendra shrewdly shifted the entire blame onto Ella, cunningly claiming that it was she who believed that her own mother did not love her At the gala, Remy’s health took a turn for the worse, and Kendra used the opportunity to further her agenda. She spread false rumors that Ella had put the poisonous leaves in Remy’s dress and tried to manipulate Jack into believing that Remy was having an affair with a co-worker. Kendra’s actions ultimately put Remy’s life in danger and threatened to tear apart her family.

Playing For Both Sides

After the devastating fallout from the gala, Remy knew that she needed to do something to win back the trust and loyalty of her wealthy donors. So she made the decision to organize a lavish barbeque party at her opulent home, inviting her closest friends and benefactors to partake in an evening of indulgence and extravagance. But as the preparations got underway, Remy’s husband, Jack, began to feel left out of the loop, frustrated that his wife had made such a significant decision without even consulting him first. Jack found himself feeling like nothing more than a spectator in his own home as the rift between him and his wife grew deeper with each passing moment. As the tension between Remy and Mark continued to escalate, Jack found himself becoming increasingly restless and agitated. When he learned that his wife was planning a business trip with his co-worker David, he exploded in a fit of rage, storming out of the room in a fury. Seizing the opportunity to capitalize on the situation, Kendra skillfully played both sides of the fence, manipulating Jack’s emotions and leveraging his vulnerabilities to get what she wanted. Armed with Remy’s cologne and lingerie, Kendra seduced Jack in a moment of weakness and drunken passion, luring him into a forbidden affair while his wife was away on business. After their intimate encounter, Jack found himself burdened with overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame. The weight of his actions created an even greater distance between him and his wife, leaving him grappling with the devastating aftermath of his choices. The once-solid foundation of his marriage was now shaken to its core, leaving Jack to grapple with the consequences of his infidelity and the damage it had caused to his relationship. 

‘Bad Nanny’ Ending

As the movie progresses, the shocking truth is revealed – Kendra is actually Remy’s long-lost half-sister. It turns out that Remy’s father, Marcus Bell (Gregory M. Mitchell,)had an affair with Kendra’s mother many years ago. Bell eventually left Kendra’s mother because he didn’t want his daughter to know about his affair. Fueled by bitterness and resentment, Kendra set out to destroy Remy’s life, just as she felt hers had been ruined. Kendra’s jealousy and resentment towards Remy boiled over when she seized Remy’s phone and posted salacious messages about David and disparaging comments about Mark. Jack, still reeling from his own betrayal, was all too eager to believe the worst about his wife and quickly turned against her. The consequences were severe, as Remy’s professional reputation was tarnished, and she lost her book deal and her position in the company. Eventually, Jack learns that Kendra is the mastermind behind the torment that had befallen him and Remy. It was Kendra who had woven a web of deceit, lacing Remy’s dress with poison ivy and posting salacious content on her phone. But before he could reveal the truth to his beloved wife, fate had other plans. A vicious push down the stairs had left Jack in a coma, unable to speak. To make matters worse, Remy had accused him of trying to assault her. Yet, besides all the accusations, Remy could not ignore the nagging feeling that Kendra was behind it all. Slowly but surely, she began to see the true face of her half-sister, and with that came the realization that Kendra’s entry into her life had been the catalyst for all that had gone wrong.

Kendra crept into Remy’s home at night, silencing Marcus forever and snatching Ella away in the dead of night. Remy tracked Kendra to a remote restaurant, and the two women engaged in a high-stakes car chase along a winding highway. Ella managed to break free from Kendra’s grip, disappearing into the woods and forcing Kendra to give chase. Remy finally caught up with Kendra and made a desperate plea for her daughter’s safe return. But Kendra had no interest in money or compromise – only revenge would sate her thirst. She had plotted to take everything from Remy, including her family and her very identity, and now she’s not backing down. As Kendra struggles to maintain her grip on Ella, Remy jumps in on the opportunity. With a swift and powerful punch, she overpowers Kendra and frees her daughter. The two women engage in a fierce fight, their rage fueling each blow they exchange. But ultimately, Remy prevails, with Kendra lying on the ground, defeated and exhausted. As the dust settled, Remy and Mark reconciled, each apologizing for the pain they had caused each other. 

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