‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’ Release Date, Cast, And Real-Life Inspiration For The Film, Explained

Three days before the Republic Day of India , on January 23, Prime Video unveiled the suspenseful “Ae Watan Mere Watan” trailer, starring “Kedarnath” actress Sara Ali Khan. The young actress, who would play India’s freedom warrior Usha Mehta, had a straightforward and tranquil appearance. Kannan Iyer, the director of “Ek Thi Daayan,” is behind the camera. The picture is based on actual incidents that took place before India gained independence. The “Tigers” writers Darab Farooqui and Kannan Iyer wrote the screenplay for the film.

The young actress was active on social media, posting videos of herself from the movie. She also highlighted her enthusiasm for and commitment to the heroes of independence who have not yet earned their just rewards.

Her Instagram caption reflects her feelings that the story needed to be aired. To honor the fearless Usha Mehta, who devoted her youth to the nation. The actress will wear a monochrome saree to look like a college girl from the 1940s. Everyone is forced to speak the truth in the movie’s opening sequences, which captures the audience’s attention.

Sara has expressed her gratitude to Dharamatic Production, Karan Johar, and Prime Video for giving her a chance to collaborate on this fantastic production. She was also honored to stand in for a freedom fighter who loved her country. Working with Iyer, who was so committed to the movie and the entire process, felt like a privilege to Sara. Because it was the first time she would not be featured in a masala film or as a glamorous character, she found the task tough. However, she enjoyed every minute of her shoot.

Release Date

The much-awaited film, with strong inspiration from freedom fighting and the struggle for independence, is expected to be available on Prime Video in 2023. The production house has not yet revealed date or month of the public release.


The film “Ae Watan Mere Watan” has “Atrangi Re” actress Sara Ali Khan in the lead role portraying Usha Mehta, the late freedom fighter. Moreover, there is an American actor, Alexx O’Neil, who earlier was seen in “Main Aur Charles.” In the role of Viceroy Linlithgow is actor R. Bhakti Klien, who worked in “RRR,” “Kesari,” and other super hit films. Also, there is Benedict Garrett, playing the role of Corrigan; he was previously seen in “Khufiya.” Furthermore, “Last Night in the Studio” star Ed Robinson will be playing the role of Captain Wily.


The teaser video, which was made available by Prime Videos, depicted the excitement and suspense of the scene in which Sara Ali Khan is sitting in a chair and using the radio to motivate listeners. A short while later, she hears a knock on the door that might send a shiver down her spine, given that she is secretly working against the British. The backdrops of the movie will show India before its independence. It takes place against the backdrop of the early 1940s Quit India Movement. “Ae Watan Mere Watan” will depict a young girl’s struggle against a powerful government while also showing how she contributes to the cause of independence. The college girl uses her knowledge to spread awareness in public about the acts of the English against the welfare of the country. The story is about the bravery, devotion, and sacrifice made by several young people in the country.

The movie’s producer, “Kal Ho Na Ho” director Karan Johar, was pleased with the idea behind it. He is honored to be a part of the movie that chronicles the life of an unsung liberation fighter who made a significant contribution to the nation’s independence. Sara and the director, Iyer, will be working together for the first time, so Iyer was eager to direct her.

The movie snippets, which were released prior to India’s 74th Republic Day celebration, may have special significance because they show the lives of those who are often forgotten by younger generations. Additionally, the impact of the cinematic work is influenced by actual events that make it appealing to the audience. The director of Amazon Prime Videos in India expressed her enthusiasm for the movie and her confidence in both the content and the appeal of the movie. Sara Ali Khan has expressed her excitement about working with Kannan Iyer, and they will be close throughout their 2023 partnership.

Real-Life Inspiration For ‘Ae Watan Mere Watan’ Movie

Some freedom fighters’ lives or deaths have been forgotten, and they are no longer remembered or honored. Many young people listened to Gandhi when he urged the British to “leave India,” and they campaigned to free the people of the nation. Usha Mehta is one such person. She built a covert radio station with the aid of activists, brought a transmitter, and helped to propagate the message of the freedom fighters. She once claimed that only radio could enable people to hear messages of the revolutionaries when the press was under the authority of the ruling class. Gandhiji was detained by the police after his call, and other congress officials who were with him were also taken into custody.

People would receive news, messages from the patriots, and other calls to stand up and fight against the oppressive reign of the British at that time. Her remarks galvanized workers, professionals, and others, inspiring them to participate in the struggle against the tyrannical government. Her phantom radio announced the All India Congress Committee’s statement to the audience. She would deliver a message in Hindi and English once a day at first, then twice. She was a political science student at Maharashtra’s Wilson College. She also desired to highlight the nation’s independence as well as the crimes committed by the British.

The first person to break the news of the Japanese attack on British weapons at Chittagong, then in Bengal, was Usha Mehta and her team of activists involved in the secret transmission of messages. Additionally, she made use of the platform to publicize the Jamshedpur factory workers’ strike in favor of Gandhi’s appeal to leave India in the 1940s.

There were other topics, like police tyranny against innocent people, that were not condemned by the mainstream media out of fear of government retribution. She would address these issues, like when police opened fire at attendees of major gatherings or during disturbances. She was unable to remain stationary because the police would follow her and her coworkers. One of the techniques she used was to record messages and send them from one location to another. The broadcast was jammed by All India Radio frequently, but they continued in their attempts, and their messages were crystal clear.

As she became aware that she was disseminating Gandhi’s message to the public, her resolve and pride did not waver but rather multiplied. She was born in Gujarat, and the majority of her ancestors took part in the fight for the nation’s freedom. She never got married and never had kids. At the age of 80, she passed away in 2000.

Knowing that many people do not know about her efforts is upsetting. She led a modest, frugal life on her terms at a time when women were viewed as a burden, and there is so much to learn from that. She was awarded the Padma Vibhushan for her role in the freedom movement in India. Her narrative being told on film would be a real honor to a great daughter of Mother India.

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